Benefits of Green Buildings

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It is true that green buildings are more than a fashion statement. According to many architects, builders, and clients, sustainable buildings are becoming a necessity because according to some estimates, buildings account for almost one-half of the world’s material and energy consumption.

Building green is really the most cost-effective kind of design and construction as costs for sustainable materials and products drop. The more reason you cannot afford not to build green.

Lower Green Building Costs

This will convince you even if you read  how to make a flash loan using Aave no further: starting the very first day of construction, green buildings save money. This is true for green homes as well as sustainable factories, buildings, churches, schools, and other structures.

A recent study by the California Sustainable Building Task Force shows that an initial green design investment of just two percent will yield greater savings compared to the initial investment.

Improved Productivity

It is true that building occupants who are healthy and comfortable are more productive. A recent study of 31 green buildings from the City of Seattle found out that being absent is relatively reduced by up to 40 percent. Companies in green offices have an edge in attracting and retaining great employees.

Have Higher Market Value

If they include sustainable design components, both residential and commercial buildings retain a high resale value. Utility and maintenance costs will be lower in green buildings that outperform non-green buildings. In sustainable office buildings, occupancy levels are consistently higher and vacancy rates are lower.

Healthy Occupants in Green Buildings

A problem that has plagued homes and offices for decades is sick building syndrome. However, green buildings can avoid many of these problems with the use of healthy ventilation and use of non-toxic materials.

It is true that EPA estimates that indoor air pollution may be 3 to 5 times worse. In 1995, many people suffer from lung cancer and were related to radon gas that is found in many buildings. About 20 million people will suffer from asthma; we all know that asthma can be triggered by the indoor pollutants that are often found in non-green buildings.

Tax Benefits for Green Buildings

To encourage the design and construction of an energy-efficient green building for both residential and commercial buildings, recent federal tax incentives have been enacted. To encourage energy efficient buildings, many state and local governments have also passed tax provisions.

Improved Retail Sales

A survey found out that sales were 40 percent higher when stores are lighted using skylights instead of electric lighting. They can also lower their electric costs if retailers can use daylight in their interiors. These are the reasons why having a green building will actually make money.

Lower Utility Demands

Reduced demand for electric gas and water supplies are some of the indirect benefits to green building and are often overlooked. As the utilities need to expand and can avoid passing that expansion, this can result in lower municipal utility costs over the long run.

Solar panels are some of the highlights on how a green building can lower utility demands. If you are planning to have one, you can contact Utah Solar for assistance.

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